Hey guys, if you’re here don’t worry, you haven’t reach the voicemail of an unknown blogging entity it is I, StarFor52*, in the font.


In case you care:

I am a massive fan of all things animation, musical, televisual and if you haven’t noticed AMERICA!!!!

But yeah, seriously, one of my biggest loves would probably have to be Disney, it’s sort of become a means of identifying me-ness. But I literally will start looking, watching, reading things and falling in love with many other things so my likes and habits change all the time and let’s be honest , there are very few dislikes in my life right now.

I game, even if it’s casually, and I like to spend most of my gaming life on my Mac/PC, Wii U or Xbox 360… games that are active are incredibly important to a culture so hooked on giving video games so much time and finding new innovative ways to play your games is also extremely attractive in a world where formula and tried and tested methods dominate our marketing strategies, so those’ll be up all in good time too.

Thirdly, I’m a Film and TV graduate, so you’ll most likely find the occasional piece of Movie news and a saturation of comments relating to television and programmes such as Glee, Modern Family, Teen Wolf, The Simpsons, Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time and many, many more that I couldn’t quite put my finger on at this hour.

I’d like to close with something a wee bit more…serious… Equality counts, and makes up a big part of what I’ll spend so much time ‘ranting’ about. I want to go one step closer than just accepting people, as to abandon the stereotypical ways by which I view people. By not spending so much time on labelling gender, sexuality, race and anything that you might otherwise box people into the category of. I don’t identify as my sexuality it’s a part of me, yes, but it’s by no means who I am, or why I am. I could have an entirely different personality and still like those same things. To be treated as equal, I don’t personally join exclusive clubs based on these things, while I think support networks are extremely useful spending time celebrating differences, I feel contributes a lot to keeping those differences and boundaries in place. Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of that to another blog another day and say a big warm welcome to you, dearest reader.


❤ StarFor52*



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