From the title of this post, you have every right to be concerned. For a while now I’ve been blogging using the name Starfor52, which has sort of become my excuse for why this blog is so freeform and so…vague.

Something I’ve thought long and hard about is whether I should actually delete this blog. What happens to all the posts? All the things I’ve talked to you about in the past, they matter to me and I know that to some of you, they matter too.

On the 30th June 2015 I created a new blog, called Letters Of Orange, which was an attempt and blogging with increased frequency and having something that I could update without fear of losing the subscribers I already had, but while still able to talk about more formal/professional matters that could potential lead to a different career for myself, an online career.

That’s very much something I’d like to do but the truth is ’Starfor52’ doesn’t mean any of those things to me the way that my blogs are formatted now. The last few months I’ve barely spoken to you, and if we have spoken it’s been about music (under the guise of Newhampton Atlantic), writing (under my own name) or current events which seem much more appropriate for a more intimate channel.

As I sit here drinking Pepsi before I inevitably have to get changed for work, I think about the kind of career I’d like to have. Similiarly I look at the 418 posts that I’ve created on a blog spanning over 9 years (with admittedly a three year gap in between my first and second post) there’s so much history here, there’s my first .GIF and some truly random thoughts and the list goes on, this blog was initially an extremely personal, intimate blog meant for my musings and somewhere along the line it got tweaked, twisted and pulled into a vlog where I would do a review of music one day, begin a story with you the following day and then blog about my new whatever the next.

In short what I’m trying to say is this blog ended up a hodgepodge of things but the one thing I’ve always been haunted by is a distinct lack of co-ordination between the personal and professional. I’ve made commitments in the past, saying that I’d do this, do that or not do something else but none of these ever stuck and anyone who’s embarking on any kind of blogging journey needs some stability in their lives, their audience included.

So Starfor52 stays but in an entirely different context from which it started. In a sense this is no longer my active blog, Instead I’ll be creating a series of new blogs under my own name and using these. I’ve gone about as far as I am able under the banner that is Starfor52. There’s far too much stuff on the internet nowadays for me to keep four blogs running all at the same time, all with new, exciting and fresh things to say. And of course, I could keep on adding to it and reshaping it but the history is still there, all those things I said are still there.

If there is anything truly important to you here, I’m giving you this opportunity to take it. With the exception of the musical pieces feel free to reblog them giving credit or copy, paste, print and stick ‘em to your bedroom door and feel that I’m extremely flattered you feel that way about something written here. I didn’t want to leave you with nowhere to go either, that would be burning all my bridges as opposed to having a clean up. I have a new personal blog called ‘Blank Slate’ which you can also find at I’ll be posting much more intimate pieces of my journey, and I’d love you to come share this new beginning with me over there. In the meantime, I’ll be getting things ready over here and reserving the site for future use.

I want to pour everything into these next couple of years first, being completely honest, open and personal and I also want to be more committed to something without jumps and bumps where I go months without posting and getting into a routine where I can post content at a more regular pace without feeling like I have to take on a new challenge or explain to the world, yet again, that I’m back and I’m sorry that I’ve been away.

I hope you guys understand and come visit me over on the other side at Blank Slate. For now though, TTFN and thanks for everything.