This is the first time in my life I’ve actually sat down and re-read a book. At one point I thought it was almost as alien to me as re-watching a movie at the cinema which I realise now is nothing out of the norm and there are films I relish seeing multiple times. 

Reading a book is not at all a one time affair but nor is it something which I take lightly. I started reading again with the intention of making it a habit, not only so I can share these books with you but so that I could do something when Ben is reading the paper of a morning and I’m wondering what to do with myself before work over the weekend. 

Openly Straight is honestly one of the first books I really enjoyed reading. I read it, at first, over the course of a week as it turns out. Since I’m reading it via the Kindle app, I can’t really tell you where I am, except for the fact I’m roughly 40% through and this is where I remember things getting ‘dicey’. I don’t plan on spoiling things for anyone who may want to read it, but one of the reasons I love reading this book is I identify and relate to a lot of the things Rafe says, the sole reason he turns up at an all-boys boarding school is to escape labels and be more than just the ‘gay kid’. It’s something I’ve always understood and I’ve said multiple times. I’m not my sexuality, it’s a part of me but I don’t identify with it in as much as it would ever be something two people have in common, just as you don’t bond over the fact that you and your friend both happen to be straight. 

As I was beginning to re-read this I’d realised that I’d actually forgotten a fair bit about this book, the plot slowly returned to me and I think I know where it’s going again now that I’m a significant way through. There’s enough dramatic tension to remind myself why trying to be something you’re not is ultimately going to cost Rafe. So I’ll update you on my progress as I read and give you a summary at the end.

See ya’ real soon.