So today has been filled with both joy and now sadness. It is in deep shock that I post this, I really wasn’t expextong to write anything on this blog today but I’d like to pay tribute if I may to someone very special to me, musically, today.

Had it not been for Christina Grimmie, I may not have encountered YouTube and I certainly wouldn’t have been blogging the way I am today. Artists who post on YouTube, start as complete amateurs and end up as someone as incredible as Christina did inspire me, they are the reason I believe in life’s journey because they are the realisation that anyone can be anything. While I feel like I barely knew her, I loved listening to her covers. Christina’s voice was something special, something I hadn’t heard from our generation of great singers, she had a voice that would resonate and fill the greatest expanse of darkness with power and emotion. What pains me more than anything is the journey she will now never have. I won’t dwell on this too much more greatly about the songs she has recorded, for example than the songs she may have had the chance to record. It’s rare for the news of someone’s death to resonate with me in quite the way her’s has.

Here was an artist I sang along to on car journeys, I listened to as a speaker and a singer. I watched Christina’s career grow from a humble little keyboard in her bedroom, to a performer belting out Wrecking Ball and ending up as a finalist on America’s The Voice. She became a star just I’d once dreamed I could be, and okay she was vocally far ahead of me. We’d both started off as geeky little teens in our bedrooms, so maybe I could be up there someday too. 

Music’s had a profound influence on my life so far and long will it continue to influence other people when I’m long gone. It rocks me to my core perhaps because I’m so close to these songs and each one reverberates with a voice that’s now out of its time and always will be. Her music will live on as long as it is heard and that’s something any musician should be proud of. 

Wherever you are Christina, I hope that somehow you can hear me writing this and that you see the people you inspired who will continue to love you and hold you in that special place among our hearts.