So this is a very short post to tell you that today is the day I finally get my new Citroen C1, Berri. It’s been a pretty long and, frankly, arduous waiting game from ordering back in january till now but I made it. In myself I’ve felt so good over the past week and while I’ve stopped sharing this kind of post with you all on Starfor52, that does by no means suggest that I no longer blog about more personal, intimate details of my life. Over the last few months I’ve gone from hardly blogging at all to blogging when I can fit the time in to actively making time to blog. This has been a pretty major turn around and it’s one that I’ve wanted to keep close under wraps since blogging again. My blogging foray, if you will, can be split into two: I have my blog, this one, for reviews, music, gaming, reading (to come) and other things that I want to talk about and the second, lettersoforange, for things related to personal mental health, chronicalling my day and my journey into adulthood.

I wanted to share my second blog with you because this doesn’t mean that I’ll never mention more personable information but this blog here I want to be able to share to the world whereas my other blog is more for those who seek to find out a little bit more about me. Its more of a day-in-the-life kind of affair, which will get updated more frequently.

Let me summarise by saying that my intention is not to blog everyday but to blog everyday between the two blogs. This blog, I imagine, will be updated less frequently than letters, but I’ll most certainly be looking to update this one twice, if not, three times a week. For more information about today and indeed other days in the life of Starfor52 make sure you’re subscribed, or following, which I’ve been dutifully linking to this post as I’ve been typing but is written here in case you need a not so hyperlink friendly reminder of my second blog’s URL.

See you real soon.