Sunday night’s family get togethers with my parents have become a bit of a new tradition since Ben and I moved out at the end of February, assuming they’re not otherwise away enjoying dad’s retirement. It’s started a bit of a surge in my purchasing of board games, and our collection has now swelled. The latest addition to this collection is Trivial Pursuit: Master Edition. This edition, released back in 2010, has been on the wishlist for quite some time and has always been priced just a little out of my price range. When I found it in Argos for £27.99 though, I simply couldn’t resist.

Quite the expansive collection the Master Edition comprises of the signature board, pucks wedges, an electronic timer with an exceedingly generous time limit and 3000 questions, yikes! It’s suitable for between 2 and 6 players and works equally well in teams. Ben and I have been playing this one to get a little practice in beforehand, which as you’d expect did not equip us for playing with my parents. Based on our experience playing on our own we thought it best to play in teams to give each of us a sporting chance and to further decrease the length of our game.

It’s safe to say that it gives the brain a fair workout and we found that there’s actually a fair amount of questions that are more suited for both generations which suprised me, particularly in the entertainment category. This is certainly, however, not a children’s game and really does deserve the 16+ recommended player age on the box as very few of the questions would be suitable for anyone who doesn’t have at least GCSE level in most subjects. The game’s also pretty long, taking a good 1 1/2 hours plus, even if you are playing 2 on 2.

It’s certainly a game that’s lived up to its formidable expectations but I have to say it’s equal parts fun when you’re playing against likeminded (or should that be brained?) individuals and it’s defintiely a game I’d take around again without a doubt.