Hello! It’s me again! It’s been quite a streak of posts so far this week and that looks pretty set to continue. This blog post, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed is about my second upcoming track from the Gameface project. It’s titled ‘Gameface’ and serves as the title track but, if I’m being honest, this project is more about the individual tracks than the promotion of certain tracks above others and what have you.

It wasn’t very long ago that I uploaded my first track and since then I’ve been hard at work. This song was named quite by accident as ‘Gameface’ as it seems to fit the message portrayed therein. It’s about mental illness and in particular depression. Mental Health is a topic of conversation which I am passionate about. Partly, because it’s something that affects both my partner and I on a daily basis and I think is something that often gets down played in society. On a number of occasions I’ve been told that I need to gain confidence like it’s something you can pull of a shelf and I think if people were sometimes a little more compassionate and understood what’s really going on inside of our heads, maybe throwaway comments about ‘Just speaking up!’ and ‘Lighten up, it could be worse.’ would be made less often.

Previously I’ve written various songs about different things including: love, terrorism, homosexuality and, to a certain degree, mental illness. What I found was lacking in motivational songs like ‘Firework’ and ‘Born This Way’ is that they come from a place which is very positive and confident. It can be quite tough to be both of these things from my experience but instead of using this an excuse for everything that is wrong with me I wanted to write something about helping somebody else to see past that. Reaching out for help is not a bad thing, nor does it prove that you’re weak and helpless. We can’t sadly all get miraculously better and wave a magic wand to happy land. But we can cope with it better, it’s learning to live with something and resume a functioning vale of ‘normality’ that matters. Taking each day as it comes and reflecting on what was better. It’s not always about knowing either and that I think is very important knowing that actually, without rhyme or logical reason, we can trigger something irrational yet entirely believable to the person suffering.

I guess, with this song, I wanted to be more cautiously optimistic in what I was singing. We’re certainly all strong to make it through our darkest hours but sometimes we need someone else to confide in and trust and without we can give in to something that we keep hearing about ourselves but might not necessarily be true. There’s never going to a cure for anxiety or depression and no amount of hiding it away or sweeping it under the rug with drugs is going to prevent it from happening, it might enable you to have that ‘get up and go’ that you’ve been missing but actually we need something far greater to for a more positive impact, and that’s really up to us, together, we can make that difference and we can make people more aware; so that we have a greater support group in life when we need it the most.

Good luck out there and I really hope you enjoy this one!