I’ve been following Fifth Harmony pretty tentatively since ‘Better Together’, their first EP. There was a lot of ‘maturing’, though not necessarily for the better, between this and ‘Reflection’. I think the first thing to mention is that we shouldn’t mistake adding more sex-appeal to one’s image as producing a more ‘mature’ sound and I think ultimately that’s the image that currently surrounds this group.

7/27 is, actually, one of the most anticipated albums of this year so far. Since the release of Work From Home, back in February, I’ve been listening very closely, not for the lyrically content of the song, but more for the production that this album has, it’s quite simply a pop lover’s dream. Every song on this album sounds good, it’s utterly addictive and unique enough to stand out as an album.

I thought I had absolutely no problem with the increased sexual intensity on display here. It wasn’t exactly to my taste but it’s not been enough to stop me dancing around the flat with headphones in. I think the downfall is that sex in music is frightfully rife.

It’s difficult to find a female in pop music that’s not selling themselves sexually and the front album might be tasteful but it’s clear that it’s not going to be the music that people follow them for, particularly when their first and second single are exclusively about the act of sex. Not to sound prudish, I’m really not, but when you scroll down to comments on almost anything they do and all you see are people arguing about who the most attractive member and how well they’re ‘working it’ on a live premiere for Flex (All in My Head) it’s little wonder they’re doing so well, it seems that sex, women and attractive packaging still sell, which still strikes me as a little backward in the 21st century.

This is a problem because although, we can turn this sexuality off, and while it’s certainly not wrong to sing about or want sex, it shouldn’t be all a musical group has to offer. Lyrically, the songs on display here are not all about sex, I just have a problem with the way this album is marketed, I guess. You can probably guess that actually, songs such as ‘Scared of Happy’ and ‘Squeeze’ are going to be forgotten but only time will shape this album and either confirm or deny my suspicions.

This album, in summary, is absolutely worth a listen. It sounds so good, has the right grooves and the stand out song for me, albeit, again still about sex ‘Write On Me’ certainly has a soulful, timeless feel about it. It is indeed the dream I was waiting for, but perhaps we should be more aware what we’re buying and selling in today’s world of music.